Arabica Coffee Facts

Arabica coffee is the main species cultivated for coffee production and the oldest in agriculture, dating its commercial use at the end of the first millennium in the Arabian Peninsula, hence its name.

Today it grows in many other tropical countries in areas between 1,640 ft and 7,874 ft high.

This variety represents almost 60% of world production and has a maximum caffeine concentration of 1.7%. As a result, Arabica coffee creates a more aromatic drink, smoother on the palate, and more digestible.

Some of the most appreciated subspecies of Arabica are Típica, Pache, Moka, Bourbon, Mondo Novo, Leroy, Caturra, Icatu, and Marella, among others.


  • Arabica coffee will usually have "100% Arabica coffee" on its label packaging.

  • Coffee trees are of different species: Coffea Arabica (Arabic coffee) and Coffea Canephora (Robusta coffee).

  • Arabica plants usually grow from 8.2 ft to 13.1 ft, while Robusta plants typically have a size that can reach 19.6 ft.

  • Arabica coffee beans have a higher density than Robusta as they are cultivated at higher altitudes.

  • In the same cup of coffee, you are consuming twice as much caffeine, or even more, if what you drink is a Robusta coffee instead. Arabica coffee can have around 1.5% caffeine. In contrast, Robusta stands at 2.5% caffeine making Robusta coffee more bitter since the caffeine adds that flavor.

  • Arabica coffee grown at altitudes above 2,953 ft is considered superior to coffees grown at lower altitudes, generally of the Robusta variety.

  • The higher elevations of the mountains keep the Arabica coffee plants at a temperature close to 20 degrees and with moderate winds, a very favorable growing environment for the Arabica coffee tree.

  • While Arabica beans are considered superior, Robusta is often limited to lower quality grades. It is commonly used to make instant coffee and low-quality espresso blends to lower roasting costs.

  • Arabica green coffee prices are higher as its production cost is higher.

  • Arabica coffee is of higher quality for its intrinsic organoleptic attributes - typically more fragrant and aromatic, making coffee of this origin of superior quality.

Cheers to Arabica beans!


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